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Best Catholic Pilgrimages is dedicated to providing the Best pilgrimages at affordable prices. Our spiritual and cultural group trips always include a priest or bishop as a spiritual leader. Best Catholic Pilgrimages is dedicated to our Blessed Mother, Mary.

Our Spiritual Leaders Give Us High Ratings.
"My thanks to you and your staff for all that you did to make the pilgrimage to Rome for my elevation to the College of Cardinals so memorable. You and your staff are to be commended for doing an outstanding job."

Francis Cardinal George
Archbishop of Chicago

Our International Director
Susan Ives

Highest Rating For Our Customized Pilgrimages For Catholic Groups, Organizations, And Parishes Nationally.
New World Publications, Archdiocese of Chicago...'Best Catholic Pilgrimages has a long and successful track record with New World Publications and has truly earned their 'Excellence' rating in pilgrimages internationally.'

OUR PILGRIMAGES ARE CARFULLY PLANNED, especially for your comfort and safety. You are purchasing a total service...direct from us to you.

WE HANDLE ALL THE DETAILS... the suitcases, the transfers, the service charges. All those details that may seem small, but can become a heavy load in a foreign country.

A PEACEFUL, WORRY-FREE SPIRITUAL JOURNEY IS YOURS when you travel with Best Catholic pilgrimages. Our professionals are with you every step of the journey...and they speak the language ! (Portuguese - French - Italian - Spanish - German).

WE WILL BREAK BREAD TOGETHER... breakfast and dinner. We will pray and learn and laugh together, to return home with new friends, a renewed spirit of faith and devotion, perhaps even a special prayer answered.

EVERYONE IS EQUALLY IMPORTANT TO US. We conduct ourselves according to the highest professional and ethical standards as befits an enterprise in service to the public.

For further information on any of our tours, please
email us info@religious-travel.com
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